Picking a pet bed

Dog Dachshund Looking Portrait Domestic PeWeigh Then Measure Your Pet While Sleeping
First listen to how your pet sleeps. If your pet sleeps stretched out, measure them from nose to tail. Add about 8 to 12 inches to determine the size of pet bed you will need. This is to accommodate your full-grown pet, if your pet is still a baby then you will need to add extra space to permit for growing. Also, you can add additional blankets, sheets, or pillows to a bigger bed while your pet is still a baby.
For those who have a larger, heavier pet the thicker the pillow will need to be. This will help prevent cushion squash, which could be just like your pet sleeping on the bare floor.
Special Needs and Important Features
If your pet is older they might have to have an orthopedic bed to help ease their pain. Orthopedic beds are made of high density memory foam to help conform to your pet’s shape and assist offer comfort from sore joints or arthritis.
You many want to choose a heated bed for pets that are prone to being chilly or are short haired or you live in a cold climate.
If your pet likes to feel more protected, then choose a more cave-like bed where they will feel secure. This will be a good idea if your pet likes to hide to go to sleep, or goes under furniture to sleep. There are various shapes and sizes of those special beds.
Examine Washing or Maintenance Instructions First
It is most important to be sure to check whether the bed for your furry friend will be easy to wash. Let’s face it, our pets are not always tidy creatures, so it is far easier and less expensive to purchase a bed that you could just toss into the washer or dryer. Beds do need to be cleaned every week or two, to help with odors and dirt. Cleaning can also help with fleas. You can try this out,  I found washing pet beds in baking soda and vinegar is the best for removing odors in the wash.
What Style or Color Should You Choose
Look at what best fits your decor in your property. Pet beds have come a long way, and there are as many distinct sorts of pet beds as individuals furniture. As soon as you’ve conquered choosing the ideal size, then the choices are unlimited, you can choose to match your decor for color and style, or go a completely another route. Make it a fun choice, all my pets have specific colors and their bedding is in that color family.
An estimated 17.8 Billion (yes, BILLION) dollars will be spent in the year 2018 on various products for pets. We as owners want our pets to possess the absolute best of everything, but it’s easy to go overboard (as I frequently do) with buying a pet bed. Try to have a budget in mind before taking a look at pet beds and adhere to it. Bear in mind that this will likely not be a one time purchase, because beds will have to be substituted for wear and tear.

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